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I am a data-driven seismologist. Specializing in employing the ambient seismic field for imaging and monitoring the subsurface.

I work at the University of Edinburgh as the Whittaker Research Fellow in Mathematics for Industry or Business in the School of Mathematics.

My research revolves around real-time observational natural- and applied-geophysics to learn about the time-varying properties of the earth, at a variety of scales, and for a variety of earth and environmental issues. On this website you can find information on my research. Please contact me with questions or your interests regarding my work, or bicycle tours.

For my work on reservoir-scale passive seismic interferometry and imaging I received a PhD degree from Stanford University early 2014. Subsequently, I worked as an Associate Research Professor in the School of Earth and Space Sciences of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) on a Fellowship of the China Academy of Sciences. Since 2015 I am a Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh working predominantly on wave field inversion of ambient seismic noise for subsurface structure.

I have been awarded the J. Clarence Karcher Award of the SEG (2017) in recognition of my work on utilising surface waves from ambient noise for exploration.

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